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The Sub-humans

The Sub-humans, also known as Subhumans, were a primitive race of human-like barbarians who lived in Icepeak and served as the foot soldiers of their ruler, Lord Nekron.


Not much is known about the sub-human race prior to the war, but they appear to live in Icepeak and it is possible that they lived there before Nekron came to power.

Role during the war[]

During the war between Icepeak and Firekeep, the Sub-humans were tasked with hunting down survivors of Nekron's attacks against the villages scattered across the land. A band of the soldiers were later sent to kidnap Princess Teegra and escort her safely to Firekeep. However, the princess escaped and, as punishment, Queen Juliana killed Captain Humanus and appointed a new leader. The group then recaptured Teegra after she and Larn fell into a lake and Larn got into a fight with the sea monster. The princess was chained to a lesser sub-human by the new captain, who then became drunk and passed out. Teegra killed the sub-human, she had become chained to and escaped, but was captured by Otwa. The sub-humans finally recaptured the princess after killing Otwa and Roleil. The sub-humans then took on a major role during the Battle of Icepeak, but countless died at the hands of Darkwolf and the species of Sub-humans were almost wiped out completely when Jarrol of Firekeep sent a lava flow to destroy Icepeak for good.