Princess Teegra discovers the ruins of the stone village

The stone village was a series of ruins located somewhere in the jungle. It lay closer to Icepeak than Larn's village. It is hinted at that it was the home village of Darkwolf.


Not much is known about the mysteries of the stone village. During the time that Larn and Teegra spend at the village, it is not inhabited by anything else than

The Darkwolf-esque head discovered by Larn, which was carved in stone

wild beasts from the contiguous jungle. It appears to have been built on a lake, which is where the sea monster resides. At the time of Larn and Teegra's presence there, it lays closest to Icepeak. It is most likely that a small group of people did live in the village, and possibly built it, prior to the war, when they were either all killed or driven out. When Larn first discovers the ruins, he stumbles across a large stone carving which draws resemblance to Darkwolf. If so, this could help to explain the hatred shared between Darkwolf and Nekron, as Darkwolf would seek revenge against the Ice Lord had he been responsible for the deaths of his people.

Battle of IcepeakEdit

At the end of the Battle of Icepeak, King Jarrol was forced to released a deadly lava flow to destroy a fast-growing Icepeak. It is highly likely that the stone village was destroyed by the lava.