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The skull tower

The skull tower, or skull mountain, was a large, towering ice spulpture located at the center of Icepeak. From here, all of Icepeak was visible.

Battle of Icepeak[]

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During the Battle of Icepeak, Nekron ascended the tower and begin to push his glaciers torwards Firekeep. Darkwolf followed him and two engaged in one final battle on top of the tower. Darkwolf's righteous anger was powerful e

Nekron atop the skull tower

nough to overwhelm Nekron's black magic and he killed the Ice Lord with two blows from his axe. Nekron's violent death throes then caused the glaciers to push foward over the river, forcing King Jarrol to release a lava flow to save Firekeep. The lava then

The destruction of the skull tower

destroyed Icepeak, and the skull tower collapsed.

Queen Julianna, who had witnessed the fight, died when the tower collapsed beneath her feet.