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The skirmish at the sub-human encampment was a minor battle which occurred during the

Darkwolf kills Zuni during the battle

Firekeep/Icepeak war, when Larn and Darkwolf, searching for the kidnapped Princess Teegra, snuck into a camp occupied by sub-humans and accidentally awoke them, forcing Darkwolf to ultimatley kill the entire band.


Darkwolf, knowing the direction the group had headed, led he and Larn to a den where the sub-humans where sleeping. They decided between them that

Darkwolf takes out the camp guard

Larn would the camp while Darkwolf skirted the vision-impairing mist which surrounded the camp. Darkwolf snuck up behind Misty and killed him with his axe. Larn then moved in.

A rude awakening[]

The cry let out by the dying sub-human awoke the band and

Icecrusher knocks Larn off the stone mound

they arose from their slumber. Suddenly, a sub-human leapt out of the mist towards Darkwolf, who rapidly turned and sliced his assailant's stomach open. Sub-humans then came it him from all sides, but he easily fended them off. He then caught up with Larn, who revealed that he had scouted the area but had not located Teegra. The two ascended a nearby stone mound, where the remaining sub-humans pursued them. One sub-human tackled Larn and then knocked him over the edge. Darkwolf continued to fight off the oncoming warriors until the horde had replenished. He then leapt from the peak to assist Larn, who had already stabbed his assailant to death. The two then fled the area, just as another group of sub-humans arrived at the encampment.