Shorthair searches for Teegra.

Shorthair was a sub-human who was tasked with capturing Princess Teegra and bringing her to Icepeak. However, she escaped and the band of sub-humans began to chase her. Shorthair sensed that there was something inside of a nearby tree trunk. He reached inside and attempts to search for Princess Teegra, but he discovered a deadly louse which sunk its fangs into arm and attempted to drain his blood. However, Captain Humanus stabbed the louse to death and Shorthair survived.


Shorthair with the dangerous killer louse on his arm.


The sub-humans then followed Teegra's scent to her next hiding place. Once again, Shorthair sensed that there was something alive nearby. However, it was actually a Giant Lizard, which burst out of its

Shorthair is dead and is consumed by the giant lizard.

hiding place and surged towards the group of orcs. Shorthair tried to run but he was knocked to the ground and crushed under the lizard's foot. The lizard then picked up his corpse in its mouth and dragged him away.