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Sergeant Quartermaine enters Teegra's chambers.

Sergeant Quartermaine kills off Cassandra.

Sergeant Quartermaine was a sub-human who went with the warband of orcs to kidnap Princess Teegra. He was the sergeant of the group, but he became captain following the death of their first captain.

Kidnapping Teegra[]

Sergeant Quartermaine was personally responsible and conscientious for kidnapping Teegra from Firekeep. He threw the knife that killed Shaitan and he also murdered the princess's handmaiden. He then carried Princess Teegra away and brought her to the captain.

While they gathered around a water hole, Teegra used her sex appeal to influence the dogs to let their guard down and she escaped from them. Sergeant Quartermaine clearly blamed the captain; the first of many instances of disagreement between the two.

Promotion to captain[]

When the band contacted Queen Juliana, she ordered that Teegra be brought before her. The captain then dropped to his knees and begged for her mercy. However, she ignored his pleas and white smoke snaked around his throat and squeezed the life from him. Sergeant Quartermaine could be seen smiling to himself as his superior's fate was sealed. She then appointed Sergeant Quartermaine to the position of captain.

Sergeant Quartermaine grins as Queen Juliana kills Captain Humanus.

He then led his men to the Stone village where they recaptured Teegra. While he celebrated, the new captain passed out after drinking heavily, but not before chaining Teegra to a nearby orc. Teegra stabbed the orc and escaped, only to be kidnapped by Otwa. When Otwa later returned to their camp to bargain with them, the captain murdered him and then went to Roleil's hut and stabbed her to death, before recapturing Teegra and setting the hut alight. He then took the princess to Akatar, from where they sailed to Icepeak.

Sergeant Quartermaine stabs Roleil to death.

Battle of Icepeak[]

When the Battle of Icepeak began, the captain threws rocks and fired arrows at the soldiers and their Dragonhawks. Later, when Larn was searching the palace for Teegra, he was attacked on all sides by orcs, including the captain. However, before he could deal a fatal blow, Teegra threw a dagger at the captain, finally killing him.

Sergeant Quartermaine falls to the ground, finally dead, after Teegra threw a dagger at him.