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Roleil was a witch who lived somewhere in the jungle with her son Otwa. She and Otwa were killed by Nekron's sub-human soldiers, who had been searching for Princess Teegra, whom Otwa had kidnapped.

Character bio[]

Roleil lived in a hut located at an unknown point in the deep jungle with her hulking, beastly son, Otwa. One day, Otwa discovered Princess Teegra on the run from Nekron's dogs, kidnapped her and took her back to his mother's hut. Roleil gave Teegra some kind of a beverage, which quickly made her fall asleep. The witch then took

Sergeant Quartermaine stabs Roleil to death.

a strand of Teegra's hair and placed it in a nearby cauldron in order to learn of her captive's identity. Roleil then flew into a rage when discovered that she was in fact being hunted by Nekron. However, she quickly calmed down when she realized that she could bargain for the girl, and sent Otwa to find the sub-humans and make an offer. However, the sub-humans instead followed Otwa home and murdered him by stabbing him in the back with a spear. Roleil, horrified by her son's death, tackled the nearest sub-human, but was stabbed with a sword. The soldiers then retrieved the princess and left the hut ablaze. Roleil later rose from the dead as a skeleton for a brief time, when she revealed to Larn that Teegra had been taken to the city of Akatar. She gave Larn demands to avenge her death before her bones collapsed.

Roleil, as a skeleton, when she briefly arose from the dead.

Roleil was eventually avenged by Darkwolf, who killed Nekron during the Battle of Icepeak.