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Queen Juliana was the queen of Icepeak and the mother of Nekron. It was her that taught

Queen Juliana

Nekron sorcery and sent her sub-humans to kidnap Princess Teegra.

Character history[]

Juliana conceived Nekron through an unknown father. She then taught her son the secrets of magic, and together, they conquered Icepeak.

Once Nekron destroyed Larn's village, Juliana sent an envoy to Firekeep to give their demands to King Jarrol. However, she also gave secret orders to kidnap Teegra from her home. While the warband which she had sent was crossing the jungle, Teegra escaped from them and several sub-humans were killed by a giant lizard. Juliana, enraged by this turn of events, murdered Captain Humanus and then ordered that the princess be recaptured. Later, Juliana presented the princess to Nekron, revealing her plan for Nekron to mate with Teegra in order to have heirs. Nekron was repulsed by Teegra, visibly irritating his mother.

During the Battle of Icepeak, Juliana ascended the skull tower to witness the final portion of Darkwolf and Nekron's battle. Juliana then began to scream as she realised that her son's fate had been sealed as Darkwolf struck him down with his axe. When Jarrol released the lava flow from Firekeep, it destroyed Icepeak, and when the skull tower collapsed, Juliana fell to her inevitable death.

Juliana falls to her death.