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Prince Taro

Prince Taro was the prince of Firekeep, the son of King Jarol, and the brother of Princess Teegra. He was most likely the first in line for the throne of Firekeep, but that role fell to his sister Teegra following his death.

Character history

Taro lived for a time in peace and harmony in Firekeep, but that was cut short by the destructive warlord Nekron, who began to advance across the land with plans to seize control of Firekeep. Following the destruction of Larn's village, Nekron dispatched a group of Sub-humans to Firekeep to negotiate with Jarrol. Taro openly denied Nekron's offer, while a second band of orcs secretly kidnapped Teegra from her chambers. Jarrol and Taro then leapt into action upon hearing Teegra's distant screams. Taro killed off the two nearest sub-humans and then ordered his soldiers to man the Dragonhawks and search for Teegra.

To Icepeak

Nekron kills Taro.
en the search proved fruitless, Jarrol made the reluctant decision to send Taro to Icepeak to negotiate Teegra's release. Taro traveled there with a small band of men. When Taro came before Nekron, however, the Ice Lord coldly taunted his sister, causing to the young prince to lose his temper and drew his sword. However, Nekron prevented a potentially life-threatening blow by using his black magic. Although Taro's men resisted, Nekron forced them to draw their own weapons and strike each other down. Taro struggled madly, but Nekron had him turn his blade around and impale himself. The Ice Tyrant then had his orcs toss Taro's body into a nearby pit. Teegra, also lying in the pit, awoke to find her brother dead and let out a horrified wail. She then took his dagger from his belt and snuck away.
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