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Otwa standing over Princess Teegra.

Otwa was the brutish son of the witch Roleil, who he lived with in their hut somewhere deep in the jungle. He never spoke a word of English, only moans and growls.

Character information[]

Otwa lived with his mother, Roleil, in a hut in a jungle. One day, while burnishing the contiguous jungle, Otwa discovered Princess Teegra on the run from Nekron. He kidnapped her and carried her back to his home. While the girl slept, Roleil discovered that she was being hunted by Nekron's men. She then sent Otwa to offer the princess to the sub-humans in return for some kind of reward. However, the sub-humans instead followed Otwa back to the hut, and killed him with a spear through the back. The hut was subsequently torched by the sub-humans.

Otwa and his mother were eventually avenged by Darkwolf when he killed Nekron during the Battle

Otwa is killed.

of Icepeak.