Nekron in his throne room

Nekron's throne room
was located somewhere within the high tower of Icepeak, and it was the point from which Nekron ruled his kingdom.


During the assault on Larn's village, Nekron was able to control his glaciers from his throne room. It was also here that Queen Julianna presented Teegra to Nekron, and where the Ice Lord would later murder Prince Taro.


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Following the murder of Prince Taro, Larn crept into the throne room and attempted to kill the Ice Tyrant with an arrow. However, Nekron had sensed Larn's presence and avoided the arrow. Larn was then handed a sword and was forced to duel Nekron. Larn at first attempted to stratedgize in the fight by not immediatley attacked his enemy. However, when Nekron taunted Larn about his people, the young warrior flew into a rage and attacked Nekron. Although he managed to inflict nekron with a flesh wound, Larn was knocked unconcious when Nekron used a powerful spell to throw him into a nearby wall, ending the confrontation.

The duel between Nekron and Larn

Battle of IcepeakEdit

During the Battle of Icepeak, Nekron was resting in his throne room when he sensed the beginning of the battle and he caused a cave-in of one the many caverns of Icepeak. He then retreated to the skull tower.

When Icepeak was destroyed by the lava flow released from Firekeep, the throne room was also destroyed.