The Giant Lizard


Shorthair is dead and is consumed by the giant lizard.

The giant lizard was a gigantic heroic reptile residing in the jungle surrounding Firekeep. It attacked Juliana's warband of sub-humans when they where searching for Princess Teegra in the deep jungle, killing several of them.

Attack on Julianna's warbandEdit

When searching for the escaped Teegra, the warband sent by Queen Julianna accidentally disturbed a giant lizard resting in the jungle. The lizard quickly killed the nearest sub-humans by stepping on them and then used it's massive tail whip another two aside. It then devoured one of the nearby corpses, before sauntering away.

It is actually not impossible that the giant lizard was still alice when Jarol released a lava flow to destroy Icepeak, as it first had to flood the jungle.