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Frinko charges towards Larn with his own axe jutting from his chest.

Frinko was a sub-human who looted Larn's village following its destruction. When the orcs learned that Larn was still alive, they started to chase after him as he ran into the nearby forest. Frinko pursued him and threw an axe at him, but missed and his axe struck the tree trunk. Larn then pulled the axe out and threw it right back at Frinko, hitting him square in the chest. The orc continued to run after Larn and leapt to try and grab his

Frinko is dead and is kicked aside by his fellow soldier.

legs as he began to climb the tree. He then gave up and fell down dead. When the other sub-humans arrived, Frinko was still slumped against the tree and they kicked his body aside to get at the tree.