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Firekeep is a large castle located on top of a system of active volcanoes. At the time of Fire & Ice, Firekeep is ruled by King Jarrol, along with his son, Prince Taro, and his daughter, Princess Teegra. It appears to be situated somewhere south of the Great Plain.


When Nekron sent multiple glaciers to attack the small, nomadic villages located across the land, many people fled towards Firekeep in order to find sanctuary. King Jarrol, being a kind-hearted man, gave the people refuge in Firekeep. However, Nekron's ultimate goal was to capture Firekeep. He continued the push the glaciers forward but dispatched an invoice to offer a solution to the king; in return for Nekron stopping the glaciers destructive path, King Jarrol must surrender Firekeep to Nekron. Jarrol rebuffed the offer, and Nekron's men subsuquently kidnapped Princess Teegra. Jarrol later sent Taro to surrender to Nekron, but the prince was violently killed by the Ice lord. In the final Battle of Icepeak, Nekron's glaciers crossed over the nearby river, forcing the king to finally release a lava flow which finally destroyed Icepeak, and lifting the shadow of war which had hung over the kingdom of Firekeep.


Following the Battle of Icepeak, it is implied that the kingdom will be rebuilt, and most likely will be ruled from Firekeep.