Larn fights Nekron

The duel in Nekron's throne room was a sword fight which occured between Larn and Nekron in Nekron's Throne Room.

Prologue to duelEdit

Prince Taro arrived at Icepeak to negotiate the safe return of his siser, Princess Teegra. However, Larn had snuck aboard the ship that the prince had taken to Icepeak.


Nekron kills Prince Taro

Taro attempted to negotiate with the Ice Lord, Nekron began to mock his sister, causing the young prince to loose his cool and draw his sword. However, Nekron was able to use his sorcery to force Taro to turn the blade on himself and his men.

Larn versus NekronEdit

Larn then snuck into the throne room, having observed the encounter from a cavern located in the ceiling. He carried a bow and arrow and tried to kill Nekron, however, Nekron had already sensed Larn's presence an dodged the arrow, before using magic to telekinetic push Larn away with the words "No, I don't think so!"

Nekron prepares to duel Larn

He then ordered that his sub-human guards bring Larn to him, and had him given a sword. Nekron removed his blue robe and drew his own sword, and then questioned Larn on what he had come after him for. Larn revealed that Nekron ha killed his people, but Nekron only taunted the dead as "undesirables," causing Larn to directly attack Nekron. Larn then managed to slash Nekron just below the chest, but before he could deal the finishing blow, Nekron once again threw him aside. However, Larn did not relent and attempted to kill Nekron twice more before he was thrown into a nearby wall and knocked unconscious. Nekron laughed evilly as Larn was locked away; claiming that "there's still fight in him."