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Clurox is chained to Princess Teegra.

Clurox is dead and is surrounded by his confused brethren.

Clurox was a sub-human who was chained to Princess Teegra to prevent her escaping from the Sub-humans for a second time. But prior to that though, he had sex with her. After he fell asleep, Teegra used a stolen dagger to attempt to saw him through the chain, but to no avail. The orc then awoke and attempted to subdue the princess when she stabbed

Princess Teegra stabs Clurox.

him with a dagger. Realizing that breaking the chain was a lost hope, she threw the knife away and attempted to flee on foot, dragging Clurox through the dirt. However, she slipped and fell down a nearby hill, he was knocked unconscious and trapped beneath the corpse. It was here that Otwa found her.