Darkwolf readies himself for the charging sub-human soldiers

The battle of the rock hills was a battle which took place between Larn and Darkwolf and a band of sub-humans in a cluster of rock mounds in the Great Plain.

Skirmish at sub-human encampment

Following the battle of a nearby sub-human camp, a warband of sub-humans chased Darkwolf and Larn across the Great Plain, towards a cluster of stone mounds. The soldiers searched around the foot of the hills, when one of them spotted Larn and Darkwolf atop one of the mounds. The two began to hurl boulders at the sub-humans below.


The sub-humans had attempted to throw spears at their attackers, but where easily crushed by the falling rocks. Darkwolf then ordered Larn to go and search for Teegra. However, when Larn refused, Darkwolf pushed him off and he fell into a gathering of trees. The remaining orcs then started to charge up the mound towards Darkwolf. With a triumphant war cry, Darkwolf lifted his axe in qualification for the oncoming crowd. Although what happened at this point is not clear, Darkwolf eventually survived the encounter.

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